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Traditional Marketing Funnels vs Modern Marketing Funnels

Updated: May 4

What is the point of marketing? Driving growth through exposure is the answer. Today’s formula to driver growth for business has significantly changed.

From a marketing standpoint, the funnel is what we as marketers are taught to master. The customer journey is where our client's touch-points are. With mass media outlets like social media, the key elements to drive growth reached, and frequency. While demographics are used to estimate customer intent, refine targeting and develop creatively.

Google’s clickstream data shows that no two journeys are completely alike and search journeys don’t resemble a funnel at all!

Google says “They look like pyramids, diamonds, hourglasses, and more.”

This world is so connected digitally that it’s giving customers so much control. Waiting isn’t necessary anymore thus making immediate satisfaction in moments where people want to go, know, do, and shop.

Journey shapes are now so uniquely refined that it’s reshaping the journey each customer takes. Is Intent reshaping the marketing funnel? Is the marketing funnel slowly becoming obsolete?

These are the questions we make sure to answer internally because it gives our clients an edge in their marketing potential.

For example, the intent journey of customers now go a little something like this:

Take a woman who is trying to find a florist to arrange centerpieces for her daughter's traditional American wedding.

Her journey begins with a series of search queries on Google for floral arrangement ideas. She finally finds the style of arrangement she wants, but now she narrows her search by discovering which florists have the best reviews in her area.

We can all agree that this search journey is exactly how the traditional marketing funnel would display right?

NO! The search becomes more and more narrow, specific and specialized just for her needs. That’s where social media can influence the customer to make the purchase.

From this newly updated adjustment, we can no longer plan on a journey that’s linear. We have to expand our funnels to be multi-faceted.



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