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Every Digital Touchpoint Your Online Marketing Strategy Should Have

Updated: May 5

Answer these questions:

What are your customers experience throughout their encounter with your brand online?

How do your customers purchase from you during the midst of their purchasing journey?

What are your brands upstream and downstream touch points online?

At each phase of the customers purchasing journey, what are your points of digital communication or interaction?

These questions are significant in evaluating what your touch points are with your customers.

What Are Touch Points?

Touch points are the different interactions or communication efforts made with your customer at each phase of their purchasing journey (aka sales funnel).

From awareness to advocacy, each phase is described as the mental, emotional and financial stage the customer is in.

Touch points are created by the brand in order to communicate and engage the customer to allow them to have a phenomenal experience with your brand at each point. Touch points encourage consumers to click an ad, read a blog, visit a website, or simply explore more that brand has to offer and ultimately convert.

One slip up of a lost web page, inactive and outdated social media accounts or even no response from a live chat can risk the brand losing the customer for good.

For example, touch points start at the awareness phase, where they are first introduced to your brand. Whether it be from an influencer, ad, article, social media etc. Brand touch points become the total brand experience the customer will have.

Digital touch points have been a major addition to the online sales funnel. Today, we will discuss the many touch points that will fuel a deeper digital connection with your customers.

Before deciphering your digital touch points, first, consider what already exists. Your brands digital touch points could be the following:

- Social Media Posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

- Email Marketing

- Text Messages

- Website

- Landing Pages

- Social Ads (Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads)

- Digital Ads (Google Ads)

- Store App

- Influencer Blog Posts

- Influencer Social Media Content

- Influencer Events That Are Captured and Shared On Social Media

- Search Results

- 3rd Party Dealer (Amazon, Ebay, Google, Yelp)

Once you’ve determined these touch points, now it's time to streamline them together so that they are attached to one another to anticipate the journey the customer will take. This will eliminate them as individual touch points.

With many of our clients, after we’ve organized these touch points and streamlined them together we ask ourselves the following questions:

What is the initial impression when arriving at each touch point? Does each point they fit the brand’s identity?

Are they significantly differentiated from competitor touch points?

How does each touch point influence (obviously or subtly) the customer to move on to the next touch point?

Will the elements of each touchpoint attract new customers? Will those touch point elements entertain existing customers and move them to act?

Answering these questions help us navigate and determine a digital marketing plan that pertains to each phase of the purchasing journey and what content, messaging, copy, and imagery will best suit the continuous movement of the customer within the purchasing journey. From here we will initiate new touch points, and take away touch points that seem irrelevant to the customer.

Touch points are nothing without determining what our client's customers want. For some brands, it’s all about providing content that educates, others, it may be showing the exclusivity and admiration one will obtain. Each brand is different and each customer base has different preferences.

To determine more about each of our client's audience, we develop a comprehensive target market analysis that tells us things like their socioeconomic levels, location demographics, purchasing habits, values etc. This helps us think like the customer and view the brand in their eyes.

The more closely we understand our client's audience, the better the ad content, daily social media videos & imagery, messaging and the copy will be, thus getting as close to the clients customers as possible. That all influence a purchase.

We have systems that allow us to consistently and effectively manage the success of different customer touchpoint journeys and analyze what the customer is most interested in, what they don’t like and monitor the success of each touchpoint journey based on a specific end result.

Your customers have already con across your brand, and it's up to you to move them along that journey so they only receive the best information and content from you. Every time they reach a new touchpoint, you are shaping and reshaping the impression they have of your brand.

We help you keep the integrity of your brand along every touchpoint so your brand DNA stays consistent. Not only that, we focus on designing unforgettable experiences for your customers by making every digital touchpoint count.

If you want to get started right away, go ahead and get in contact with us at NSPR Media. Our services range from digital marketing, social media management, SEO & website management, influencer campaigns, public relations as well as putting together events. Click here to receive a complimentary social media and SEO audit today. If you’d like to speak with us, give us a call at 209-683-7798 or check out our website www.nsprmedia.com.


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