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The Top 6 Ways Interactive Content Can Increase Engagement

Updated: May 5

Over the past week, we’ve been talking all about new social media marketing trends for your business in 2019. We’ve discussed the importance of creating authentic and personal relationships with your consumers and audience. One of the best ways to do this is through interactive content.

Today we will take a deeper look at what interactive content really is and the different types of interactive content you can choose from.

88% of marketers say interactive content separates them from their competitors and that interactive content provides 4-5x more page views than your typical static post.

What is interactive content exactly?

It’s content that requires the participants' active engagement — more than simply reading or watching. In other words, they have to physically be involved with the content in order to participate in its purpose.

Some examples are quizzes (outcome and graded), survey’s, e-commerce recommendations, calculators, infographics, assessments, videos, ebooks, and white papers, etc.

So now, I'm sure you want to know why your audience would participate in something like this.

Humans naturally are curious… and by the number of scary movies I’ve seen, people will apparently risk their lives just to scratch that curiosity itch. To do this, utilize interesting titles. Those that give them just enough but not enough that satisfies their curiosity.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a real fear. 56% of the US population to be exact. Limited offers and those under lock and key can peak the syndrome within that person to take action.

Social Proof or showing the viewer that other people have had great success or positive reviews with interacting with that piece of content.

Less is more with asking questions for the interactive content. No-one on this great green earth wants to take a 50 question test! 5-7 questions are all the time you have with them!

No one wants to hear bad news about themselves, so keeping the results positive and helpful is always better.

Take Women.com for example, their quiz entices the viewer's competitive nature to outperform others who took the quiz by showing the odds and asking if the viewer was just like the rest or if they were different and special enough to get it all right. Thus making the quiz the most shared interactive content of the year!

So, how do you plan to integrate interactive content into your content marketing and social media marketing strategy?

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