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The Top 12 Questions To Ask To Qualify a Partnership With Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: May 5

You know social media marketing is important but you don't feel confident enough in your abilities to make it valuable to your business.

The fact is, many businesses feel overwhelmed and under skilled in order to have the best results of social media marketing. Social media marketing agencies give your business the opportunity to have a full team at your side instead of one person within your organization. They provide key campaign development which significantly brings your social media to the level it deserves.

According to a recent survey, 28% of businesses are using social media marketing agencies and you're trying to figure out which agency is going to be the best fit for you and your company.

Partnering with an external social media marketing team provides highly-trained experts and knowledge that an in-house team may lack.

Social media marketing agencies provide many team members who at your side and are all working to make sure you receive the best results.

That means you're able to put together big campaigns with big picture initiative.

Below are questions and guidelines for you to follow in order to find the best social media marketing agency for you.

What are your digital marketing needs as well as your business needs?

The first thing you need to do is determine your business needs. Before you approach a social media marketing agency you need to first ask yourself

What does success look like to me?”

- Do you need to create a strategy?

- Are you trying to execute a strategy you already have?

- Possibly implement an influencer marketing campaign?

- Acquire leads?

- Content marketing?

What is going to be the best source of content and marketing strategies that are going to work best for your business?

First, decide upon a direction and then when you speak to a marketing agency, you will have a better understanding of what they do and compare it to what your business needs are.

What’s so awesome about digital marketing agencies is they can fill multiple roles.

Social media management, Lead development, Influencer campaigns, and Launch campaigns, public relations are all services you can get within one agency.

At least you can with NSPR Media.

A great agency is going to customize solutions for your business.

Which is going to give your business the best opportunity for success. They'll be disrupted and creative and still be able to give your business a different point of view than all the other competitors.

An agency that is progressive and forward thinking will be able to quickly adjust to the daily, weekly, and monthly social media changes and updates with algorithms and processes.

Finally, Agencies are more capable of innovative problem-solving.

Here are the key items you want to make sure the agency can provide to you.

- Performance Tracking

- Target Marketing Analysis

- Project management

And the ability to integrate channels, technology, communication, and strategy. A quality social media marketing partner is going to be able to show you results that they produced from other clients they have worked with.

Now that you know your digital marketing needs, you know the metrics that are going to be important for your business, just ask the agency how do they plan to hit those needs and how they plan to report on those metrics. If they don't give you a satisfactory answer, it’s best to find an agency partner who's going to be able to perform under pressure.

Performing under pressure is going to be one of the most important items of social media because of the constant changes and the new updates that evolve with providing your business success.

Listed below are the top 12 questions to ask prospective agencies to prove their competency and expertise. As well as elements you need to consider before the partnership.

1. What are their core competencies?

You want to find out what the agency specializes in so that you can best understand if that agency is going to be able to provide the results of your looking for.

2. What are some examples of success they’ve had with a similar industry as your business?

3. How do they research an analyze your industry?

4. How do they handle content development?

5. Ask them for some examples of how they adjust a strategy min-execution.

As you go along and as you start to produce content and as you start to work with your agency, most times you figure out different strategies that are going to work better. So ask them how they adjust these strategies during midway through the partnership.

6. How do they measure reach, growth, and engagement?

7. Who will be your main point of contact within the agency?

Figure out how often they are going to be communicating with you. That will help determine if you need to be communicated with monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly. Determine what's going to work best for you and your business.

8. What's their reporting process?

Since you've already determined what metrics are important to you, you want to know how they're going to put these in a report and how they're going to explain the success or consistent execution of these metrics.

9. Make it a priority to have a good fit with an agency.

Once you speak with them on the phone, building a relationship and unfold their personality traits it will help you determine if they're going to fit well with you and your business.

At the end of the day, you're working with a team of people as well as your main point of contact. You want to have that easy going relationship where you can really ask them anything you need and get an honest answer.

Great agency relations end up with awesome results. Conversely, a lack of alignment is going to hurt your digital marketing performance because you're not able to have that open communication.

10. Really ask yourself:

- Do I like this person?

- Is this somebody I can actually relate with?

- Can I have an open and honest communication with them?

- Do I trust them with my company reputation on social media?

You and the agency are partners, so building trust is going to unquestionably help increase the success and result that you as well as the agency is going to have when implementing social media marketing strategies.

11. Make sure you do your homework

Many agencies will provide you with answers, but make sure you go and read their blog posts, watch their videos, look at the comments that they're receiving. Make sure their content is answering your questions. If they can’t even provide the content to answer your questions, how do you think they're going to be able to do the same for your business?

Get the answers that you want from all of their own online resources and immerse yourself in what they do and how they operate as a social media and digital marketing agency.

One of the strongest proofs of social media agencies performance and qualities is their own content. If they aren't putting out quality content for themselves, that means they might be a little bit too busy to focus on your content.

If they're able to put aside time or hire the necessary people to focus on the success of their own business, they’re most definitely going to be able to produce the same, if not better quality content for your business.

12. Find out how they're going to produce a target audience analysis on your customers.

If you partner with an agency and they don't have a process for determining who your audience is, what they like, the publications they read, their interests, their family goals, their life goals, etc. this is not good!

That customized target market analysis is going to help that social media agency gather a better understanding of your business, how they're going to produce content and messaging, that will best align with your business’s products and services while speaking to your customers in a way they will engage with.

Let’s Recap!

How do you find a social media marketing agency that's going to best fit your business’s digital marketing needs? Do your homework! Follow this guide and give yourself the leg up when communicating with agencies.

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