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The Process of a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Updated: May 5

Marketing campaigns have been a way to introduce your company or brand in a new perspective way for different target audiences. While social media marketing has mostly been geared towards community management.

Today we will be discussing how to build a successful social media marketing campaign.

Marketing campaigns can be introduced with several different goals in mind, including:

- Building a brand image

- Introducing a new product

- Increasing sales of a product that's already on the market

- Reducing the impact of negative news

Campaigns should always be ongoing and moving in order to relate to your target audience. Just like the world is constantly moving and changing, so should your business.

It should be updated and integrated with the new and trending opportunities going on in the world. While social media marketing has been at the main source for marketers and business owners in order to get the brand exposure that they need, the same principles of traditional visual marketing such as television ads, still apply to social media marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns fill the purpose of making sure that you stay at the forefront of your customers mind. With the increased competition out there in this day-in-age, you have to make sure every piece of content that you're putting out is relevant and consistent.

Typically, marketing campaign should usually only last about forty five days. Going beyond forty five days allows your messaging to become static, stale or even inconsistent and irrelevant with the times.

The goal of a successful marketing campaign is audience engagement. Now a social media marketing being such a prevalent online resource for impacting your business and its growth, using social media, marketing and advertising is a great means of brand awareness.

With most of our clients, we have two separate budgets or two separate packages allocating for social media management and marketing campaign management.

The differences are:

Social Media Management is consistent with every day postings. We want to make sure that your brand is keeping in touch with your audience. Giving them new information and providing them content that they truly relate with.

Marketing Campaigns (Ads), on the other hand, are a project based partnership with the forty five day limit. We make sure that we cultivate messaging that is going to best represent the campaign and build creative briefing in order to support the campaign process.

Putting together a social media marketing plan helps us first organize who their audience is. This allows us to best select messaging that goes with different audience types and allows us to create imagery that's going to best respond to that particular audience.

So the first thing we do is put together a marketing plan. Then we set our marketing campaign objective and parameters. During this process, we answer the question of what we want the campaign to achieve.

To answer this question, we get our clients to be as specific as possible, not just "I want more sales" we give them and outline of how to be very specific and choose the exact numbers and metrics that they're looking to achieve.

A common marketing campaign formula is:

what will be achieved + how long the campaign will run

For example:

- Sales of our product will increase in the next two months by thirty percent.

Or, for nonprofit entities,

- Fifteen thousand dollars will be raised over the next eight weeks.

Keep in mind marketing objectives don't always have to be in relation with sales. It can be brand awareness driven, leads driven or even partnerships driven.

The number of sales may not be the appropriate marketing objective if your goal is to increase brand awareness or even improve your page ranking. Using tools like Google Analytics and Ad Espresso, help us monitor the success of each campaign we put together for our clients.

The next step is to set your marketing campaign budget. Obviously, a super bowl ad versus a local television station ad or an ad on social media are going to have varying different costs.

Social media ads are lot more cost effective. However, don't be mistaken by the effort that needs to go in it. The same effort put in for a super bowl commercial ad should still apply to a social media ad.

The same creative output, same messaging development, all the different elements that go into creating a successful campaign still applies.

With our clients, we always help them answer the questions of which campaign methods are going to be the best, most effective and most cost efficient, while also providing the same quality of a television ad to their social media ads.

For example, with one of our clients, we put together an influencer marketing campaign where we parted with over six hundred micro influencers, all promoting one product, as well as providing each influencers audience with a discount code.

The objectives here were brand awareness as well as to drive sales. However, with more collaboration with the micro influencer campaigns, our client was able to leverage each post 3x. Each influencer decided to post at least three additional times in regards to the product, allowing a higher, increasing brown awareness as well as a use in the discount codes.

Our next step is to create a timeline and action plan where we lay out each step of the campaign, what's gonna happen and exactly when. This is also known as the campaign brief.

Our next step is creating the ad imagery and copy. Production quality is very important when putting together campaigns. You want to make sure your campaigns are relevant, clearly promotes your message and also gets the audience engaged.

We found that video content supplies the best engagement, as well as gives the audience a visual aid in what brands message is promoting.

We supply three to five different main video cuts that will be shown throughout the duration of the campaign. From there, we create 10 different shorts from each main piece of content for social media.

As the campaign is in progress, we continually monitor the success and tweak any necessary elements that need to be updated.

When the campaign is over, we then measure how successful the campaign was. Remember that the success of marketing campaigns come from continue testing. Every campaign is a learning opportunity, therefore, an increase in potential results.

What's so fantastic is that each campaign is a guaranteed measure of future success. In other words, every campaign has its own metrics and its own success opportunities.

Each campaign gives us the ability to improve the two most important elements of a successful marketing campaign which is:

1. Nailing the targeting

2. Having a high production quality by utilizing our team and our creative directors, videographers, photographers, copy writers, social media managers etc. we will ultimately help your campaign succeed with the best results.

If you want to get started right away, go ahead and get in contact with us at NSPR Media.

Our services range from digital marketing, social media management, SEO & website management, influencer campaigns, public relations as well as putting together events.

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