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The Cause of Your Business Struggling On Social Media

Updated: May 5

With social media having over 2.77 billion active users today, it’s safe to say using it as an avenue for marketing is a great idea.

However, as business professionals, CEO’s, Executives, and Marketing Directors, and Small Business your team has probably integrated social media marketing into your organization, though you’ve not seen the success you’d hoped.

This can feel completely underwhelming, frustrating and discouraging especially if you are using it to grow the organization.

Today, everywhere we look, another brand is having great success within this digital marketing world and your organization can’t seem to nail it.

Which leaves you to think, “ What are WE doing wrong?”

At NSPR Media, our growth and success have been from helping our clients receive the awareness and ROI they are searching for.

Thus allowing us to have learned plenty about why your organization is struggling with social media marketing.

Take a look at the points below and see if your teams have been doing it all wrong.

Most of our clients when they come to us they are lost or confused because they realized how large the internet is and how important having a social media presence is.

When they start on their own within their organization, they're confused on the point of what platforms to use.

They feel like they are posting on social media but nothing's been happening, they want to start incorporating influencers, they want to have a YouTube channel, they think they need a blog or even incorporate video production.

It's all very confusing, so when they come to us were able to write out a plan and strategy so it specifically matches the results they want.

We eliminate that confusion by completely handling it for our clients while educating them on what digital marketing really is, and how it’s able to help their companies growth.

You can imagine the relief of completely handing off a large chunk of something that most organizations find stressful.

What’s so awesome about this is we are constantly in communication with our client's team so they know exactly what’s going on every step of the way.

When we give our clients a new piece of education and help them learn, they feel so much comfort that knowledge.



Small businesses don’t have the time to:

1. Monitor their audience on social media. This consists of engagement, responding to comments, interacting with their audiences content, become apart of a daily conversation with their audience. Etc.


2. Analyze content performance to determine which content is resonating best with their audience. Then create new content as a result of the new information received.

3. Create content for ads and each social platform

4. Connect with influencers & build campaigns surrounding them.

5. Build campaigns & monitor the success of the campaign

Etc. all of that in itself is its own process and requires different lengths of time. For our agency, per week, per client, we are working about 30-40 hours JUST DOING SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. For many small business owners, that time is spent actually running the day to day operations of their business.


Like any industry, there are specific tools and resources that are invested in an organization for the purpose of enhanced performance, productivity, and client success.

For example:

  • A studio for photo shoots & videography

  • Tools for:

- Audience Interaction

- Content Planning

- Content Development

- Public Relations

- Content Editing

- Content Creation

- Campaign Development

- Audience Engagement

- Automation

- Influencer Marketing Etc.

All of these tools come at a cost. With startup costs being as expensive as they already are, many of our clients have a sense of relief from not having to hire multiple people to manage all of the tools, as well as purchase all of the tools and equipment for them to operate.

Working with NSPR Media eliminates this struggle and allows our clients to have this entire process taken care of for them while having multiple people working on their marketing performance around the cost of hiring one full-time employee.


Digital marketing is a skill. It’s more than posting on social media and getting tons of likes and comments.

Time and time again we have run into clients telling us how they’ve hired social media managers within their organization but when given the task of performance, all they’ve been capable of is posting a pretty picture.

Social media and digital marketing are all about exposure, community, creativity, and sales. Being able to help educate our clients about what to expect with social media as well as educate their social media managers has allowed for a fantastic partnership between NSPR Media and our clients and their staff.

Corporations run into the problem of not having the proper knowledge within their organization in order to have success with digital marketing. Everything we do with our clients digital marketing is researched, planned and with an intention.

We not only analyze our client's target audience, but we then take all of that research and create content that their audience will love.

Just like our client’s we are experts in our field and take the production and performance of digital marketing very seriously and our ultimate goal is to give our clients the exposure they need to grow their business.

Whether it be time they don’t have themselves, don’t have the manpower, or don’t have the resources to facilitate their team, everyone who is a leader within their organization knows running an organization and continuing to lead within your own sector of business takes up the majority of their time.

Before our client’s come to us, they're not seeing the results they want and they don't understand why.

When we take on any new client, we help them better understand their audience, and provide them with a team of professional experts that will help them see successful results.

Learn more about your current social media marketing and if your company is leveraging this innovative tool to bring your company more leads, more sales, and a loyal community.

Click here to Get a complimentary social media and SEO audit today.


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