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The 5 Secret Sauce Elements of Social Media Marketing For Business

Updated: May 5

The 5 essential focuses of social media marketing for business are:

1. Audience

2. Imagery

3. Messaging

4. Media

5. The Link


When we first partner with our clients, we conduct an in-depth target audience analysis. First, we collect as much information from the client on aspects of their audience they already know, then we go do our due diligence and provide additional information about their audience.

At the end of the collection process, the analysis will have:

Socio-Demographics: Which is simply characteristics of a population. Items like sex, age, religion, language, ethnicity, gender, education level etc.

Geographic characteristics: Like where the audience is mainly located and how that plays a role in their online activity and purchasing behaviors.

Psychographic characteristics: This pertains to the needs, hopes, wants, concerns and aspirations of the audience.

Obstacles and expediters that prevent or encourage audience members to adopt the desired behavior change.

Effective communication channels to reach the audience.


Messaging can be anything from what they say in their videos, blog posts, podcasts, their captions on social media, or advertising message. The messaging is really how our clients are speaking to their audience.

Different brands and companies have different communication methods with their audience. Writing for social media is truly an art and a science. We have to make sure we write in a way that captures the brand's voice as well as speaks to the audience in a compelling and authentic manner.

Not only that, each social media platform has its own special writing style that is preferred by users on those platforms. The message we put on Facebook, we wouldn’t put on Twitter. Facebook likes longer-form writing, while Twitter requires a short and sweet writing style. To fit within each social network, there are expected ways to write and get your message across.


This is one of the more exciting elements of social media marketing I because we get to be as creative as possible. Creative Imagery applies to basically all form of our client's digital marketing material.

For example, posts on social media, (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.) or video content that we put together for them, all of this imagery plays a role in our audience and who the client’s messaging is specifically speaking to. Our goal is to create imagery that is going to be visually stimulating.

Again, each social platform has its own expectations on the format and style of imagery that’s shared, so staying in between those lines while adding the client's visual essence AND spark the interest of the viewer is an exciting challenge we get to be a part of.


We describe media as the form in which content is being displayed. Is it a podcast (audio), video or image? That means any written form of content can be turned into a digitized piece of media.

Whether you're posting on social media or bringing on influencers, the media piece is the outlet you are connecting with your audience on. Business owners have to remember, the media is an ongoing form of communication that has to constantly and consistently be updated.

The Link

The link is the way we capture the audience and pull them away from the social digitized media platforms and into the client’s content funnel.

If an audience member has gotten enough content that sparks their interest they're then transferring their attention to the constant material that is being released by the client.

At that point, social media is merely a channel of updates and a way to build further relationship and engagement with them.

Social media is the promotional foundation of how a company is sending out their messages. It's not the bottom of the funnel where they’d be closing the sale.

It’s the very top where the company is sparking interest and trying to lure the audience into their layer, and hopefully, they end up liking it there. Haha…

From the standpoint of a social media marketing funnel, clicking the link is at the bottom of the funnel. Why? Because it sends the audience to a main piece of content, where they're going to be moved into the next funnel, which is the content funnel.

Which starts on a landing page or some sort of website to get the audience member to learn more information about the client. The other aspect of social media marketing is being able to nurture the relationships that are built over time.

Thus creating a community of loyal followers and shoppers. This varies a little with B2B and B2C businesses, but the concepts are still the same.

These different elements of digital marketing are really what we focus on at NSPR Media. Ultimately it’s how we provide a client with the best results.

We provide our clients with more information on their audience and really help them grow their business and use social media strategically to be a helpful source to their digital marketing strategy.

If you're in search for a digital marketing agency to partner with, get in touch with us. Our services range from digital marketing, social media management, SEO & website management, influencer campaigns, public relations as well as putting together events.

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