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Social and Emotional Conditioning Within Digital Marketing

Updated: May 4

Will the purchase be fun to own?

Will the purchase enhance my life?

Will the purchase give me instant satisfaction?

These are all questions you have to put into consideration because your consumer will be providing you the answer.

In today's world of speed, convenience, massive inspiration, and Amazon, emotional conditioning play’s a large factor in a person’s purchasing decision.

Women can buy a nice purse at Fashion Nova, Zara, or a department store for less than $30, though a Michael Kors shoulder bag for $300 can be irresistible.

The whole “I want that” consumerism is real. If you doubt that, I want you to pause this video and go count the number of shoes on your gorgeous shoe rack right now.

On the scale of, where does that put emotional conditioning?

The way we see it is one level beyond social conditioning and two beyond rational purchasing.

Emotional and social conditioning is responsible for music and movie marketing, even fashion, cosmetics, diet and fitness products, and services.

If there’s an association with modern culture and in the media, you have us, marketers, to thank.

Let’s take a live example of luxury brands. Like Tiffany & Co. They use the phrases, Iconic heritage. Dazzling Discoveries and the king of Diamonds to sell $4,000 dollar tiffany rings to women who like to wear hearts on their fingers.

Jewelry isn't the only subject marketed this way either.

Luxury automobiles emphasize the new life a consumer will experience in the state of ingenuity or pure driving pleasure.

Oh, and it’s not strictly luxury goods that are utilizing emotional conditioning. Popular brands like Hubble contacts & My Golf Locker reflect the viability of convenience based marketing.

What elements of emotional conditioning are you adding to your digital marketing strategies?

Don’t know yet? We’ll help you out. Check out the description box for a free guide on how to position your products or services that appeal to the emotional conditions of your customers.


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