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In-House Social Media Marketing Manager or Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: May 5

Today we’re going to answer that burning question and help you determine if you should have a social media team in-house or partner with a digital marketing agency.

First, let’s discuss what goes into having a successful digital marketing and social media presence.

The Different Job Titles

1. A Content Writer

A content writer is going to be there to write all of your blog posts, any descriptions for any video content, all of your social media captions as well as any digital written form of content.

This person should know your brand in and out. That means knowing the targeted audience.

- What makes them laugh?

- What makes them cry?

- What brings emotion out of them?

- What makes them best engage with your content?

The content writer is actually one of the most important people within the social media team because they are speaking directly with the consumer.

2. A Content Creator

This person is going to be behind all of the photos, videos, and imagery that's going to be behind your digital marketing presence. If this person does not have a background in creativity, artwork and graphic design, you're not really gonna have the best success.

However, if you find someone that has the ability to really capture the essence of your content and make it enticing for the audience, then you're on to a great start.

3. Engagement Managers

These people are going to be responsible for communicating with your audience and organically commenting on different potential consumers as well as make communities surrounding your work.

Let's say you are brand that has to do with baby gear, That engagement person is going to want to make sure that they comment on at least one hundred to one hundred fifty different accounts and relate with them.

Build a relationship with them, make sure that they are engaging organically as well as responding to all comments, all messages, all engagement material on your digital platforms.

4. An Analysis Creator

The analysis creator goes in depth and researches the success and the failures of different pieces of your digital content. They're going to look at the types of people who are watching your content, how long people view your content, how many likes, comments, and engagement each post is receiving, and then they're going to be able to turn those metrics into a report.

The report will document everything your company needs to improve on, enhance and what content is performing the best.

5,6,7. SEO, Website Conversions & Development Team Members

Your website is going to be the hub of where all of your content will live. Social media marketing and content marketing go hand in hand.

However, if your website is not up to par and optimize properly, then you're not gonna have the best results.

Having an SEO and website team are going to help make sure that your website is always converting, has the different tags, has all of the metadata and all the back-end information that your website needs.

If you're interested in targeted growth, the eighth person you'll want on your team. Is an influencer marketing manager.

8. Influencer Marketing Manager

This person is responsible for contacting different influencers, getting product in and out of their hands, making sure that the content and the captions of those posts are properly being posted as well as being in charge of any coupon codes or referral codes that you give to them in order to promote your brand.

Influencer marketing in itself is a whole ‘nother game and really should have a team of about five to ten people If you're going to do a massive scale influencer marketing campaign. However, a good two to three people will surely suffice.

So now we created a list of about ten different people with ten different job descriptions in order to make sure that your social media marketing presence is successful.

If you have, the resources in order to create a team at this scale, go ahead and have an in-house team. However, if you are concerned about fulfilling each of these job descriptions a #DigitalMarketingAgency is most likely going to be for you.

A digital marketing agency is so fantastic because you don't have to deal with implementing all of these different jobs in your own organization. It is also more cost effective.

Agencies are able to, gather their team and leverage their different systems in order to put together different campaigns that are going to leverage each client in their agency. Also, great is, with working with us at NSPR Media you get to have all of these different people on your team partnering with you at a FRACTION OF THE COST.

Not only do you have a team of about ten people working to your advantage, but each of them is also partnering with you and have your best interests in mind.

With an employee or have an in-house team, they may not be as motivated to provide the results you need because they are working for your company instead of with your company. They're going through their own emotional changes as an employee because they know that they are going to get paid.

However, if you're working with an agency, they have a different motive. Their only motive is to make sure that you are getting the best results. Your success is the agencies success.

Making agency motives more sufficient and efficient as well as they're going to make sure that they produce the results that you need and deserve.

The extra bonus of partnering with a digital marketing agency is that they have the systems in place to make sure that you have the best results.

Systems that help with social media marketing management, tools to manage engagement, campaign management, content creation tools etc. These different systems are going to be able to work in your favor.

And guess what?

You don't have to invest in that. Your agency team and your agency partners have all of that covered for you. With an in-house team, you have to make sure that you have all of these systems on top of paying for employees and their benefits, and they're programs and their taxes.

All of this plays a role in hiring an in-house team, versus hiring an agency.

Agencies are immersed in the digital space and social space every single day.

They're constantly #trendspotting. Agencies are full of experts and early and adopters. We have to make sure that we stay on top of all of the industry changes and all of the different algorithm changes and all the different tools in order to make sure our clients have the best success, that means we're going to be the first adopters to, any sort of social changes.

Your in-house team may acquire these new trends and updates later because they have to consistently focus on making sure the work on social media gets done. With an agency, their in-house culture is most likely working smarter and not harder.

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, new ways to make our processes easier to give you better results.

Another benefit with partnering agency, is they have paid social expertise. Organic social media marketing is always great, however, nowadays online marketing is a pay to play space.

In order to make sure you reach the biggest and best audience, you have to make sure you have a team in place that understands how to leverage your money in order for you to get the best-paid results.

Paid social and digital marketing results come with expertise. You can't expect to hire an employee and make them understand all of the different intricacies of a paid digital strategy.

However, within an agency, they are constantly doing this with different industries in different products and different services, so they have cultivated this expertise of how it works in different spaces and how they're going to be leveraged.

With agencies were constantly dealing with the digital space and the technical space. Whenever we have trouble or difficulties with the different social networks, it's easier for us to troubleshoot those problems because we have built relationships with the reps of each network.

With an in-house agency, you might not have the same expertise of technical abilities as the would the agency.

Finally, content and creative support. Creating compelling content is often the most time-consuming element of digital marketing. We bring together different job roles like copywriters, photographers, videographers, content writers etc. All of these different people come together to make sure that each piece of content that you have is published with the utmost relevance and consistency.

All of these different people who are helping to build your different content to its maximum success are well versed in developing friendly and relevant content that's going to resonate with your targeted audience and thus drive, the holy engagement.

We hope you found this blog valuable, hope you have the ability to separate If you need an in-house team or partner with a digital agency.

If you're interested in using an agency for your digital marketing and your social media presence, make sure you get in contact with us.

Our services range from digital marketing, social media management, SEO & website management, influencer campaigns, public relations as well as putting together events.

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