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How To Use Social Media To Build Repeat Customers

Updated: May 4

What keeps people coming back in any situation they’re in? Is it a feeling they had? Is it inspiration? Is it a deal? Is it influence,? Is it spontaneity? Is it a great cause? Is it quality? Is it information?

Discovering the answers to that one question can help guide your social media presence. Combining re-marketing efforts on social media can be an irresistible way to build repeat customers.

First, let’s break down what re-marketing is.

Here’s How Re-Marketing Works On Social Media

Someone visits your site and their web browser provides them with a tracking called a “cookie.” That cookie documents that the person visited your side and their activity within it.

This documentation allows your company to advertise your company and products to that person as they browse other sites or go on social media.

Other methods of re-marketing on social media can be with the content that’s shared. Are you adding emotional video content, are you adding informative video content, are you inviting influencers into the picture? There are countless ways you can use re-marketing on social media to influence and entice a sale.

There Are 4 Things You Need To Get Started

1. Your website needs active visitors (each re-marketing platform requires a certain amount)

2. Determine the audience you’ll be re-marketing to. This is can be to your social media followers, if you’re doing an influencer campaign, it can be to those who opted in with the influencer discount code etc.

3. You’ll need a re-marketing tag, which is like a Facebook Pixel which is information that remembers all of your website activity and visitors. This tag can be placed on every single page of your website so you have eyes on everywhere your visitor travels to when they're on your site.

4. Finally, get started with advertising! Ad campaigns can be arranged in a multitude of ways. They key here is to excite them, not annoy them.

Are you ready to start using social media to build repeat customers?


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