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How to Have a Well Rounded Social Media Presence

Updated: May 4

When you think of a well-rounded human being what do you think of? Leave your answer in the comments section below. Your Dictionary.com says a well rounded person is someone who is skilled, capable or knowledgeable in a lot of different things, or something that covers a lot of different areas or subjects.

An example of a well rounded person is someone who is good in school, plays sports and has a good relationship with his family.

When we apply that definition to social media, it would read something like this:

"A well rounded social media presence is one that offers a lot of different types of media, is true to its own perspective and voice, has a mutually engaged community or tribe behind it and offers a multitude of consistent content on various social networks."

Here’s some insight into what makes a well-rounded social media presence and how you can have one with a high potential for growth to your business.

What do we love about social media? Connection? Entertainment? Escape? Shopping? Relevance? Inclusion? Education? You have to find this out about your particular audience and start your well rounded social journey from there. We’ve summed up a well rounded social presence into 6 categories:

1. Frequency of Activity

2. Worldly Relevance

3. Not Simply Sharing Information, But Being Open To Receiving it From Your Audience

4. Use of Platform Features (IG Stories, Twitter Polls, Facebook Live)

5. Content Diversity

6. Collaboration

Frequency of Activity

Activity not only means the total number of times you post per day, it also means how often you are being social on each social network! Engagement is where you are going to win when it comes to social media.

Ask yourself how often you are initiating conversations with people online? A couple times every other day is not enough! It has to be done every single day and it has to be genuine. Even if you are a business. Your goal here is to stay true to your company's brand identity and voice.

People are 100% aware that there is another human on the other side of the screen so the more authentic you are, the more people will respect your brand.

Accounts who do this well are @oberlo which is a B2B platform in the niche of Drop Shipping. @alexa who has her very own social networks and a high activity and bond with her followers and even @Wendy’s the fast food corporation which makes a 100% effort to make their followers apart from their content.

Worldly Relevance

Because social media is all about sharing, being in the know on pop-culture, sports, world news, and the hottest shows on Netflix are all what keeps the social sphere going round. It’s similar to being apart of a club. Every time you attend you get to meet new friends and old friends, work the room, mingle and learn something you didn’t know before and didn’t really care to know, like how Cardi B’s new Atlanta mansion is worth $5.8 million dollars.

Then you work your way to the people who really interest you and share information that truly peaks your interests which means you spend a lot more time interacting with them.

Worldly relevance on a large scale is important, but where it can be valuable is how you use it in relation to your audience.

For example, there are certain types of content that’s trending on Instagram right now that you should be using for your own brand simply because people are responding positively to and it shows that you’re aware of the trends which alone can help solidify trust between you and the viewer.

Click the info button in the top right of the screen or the link in the description box to see all of the trending posts you can start implementing into your brands social content.

Not Simply Sharing Information, But Being Open To Receiving it From Your Audience

Yes, you are supposed to always be sharing content, but what about receiving it? Flipping the script allows you build better relationships with your audience because they know they may be featured or they know you care about their input.

UGC is a great example of this but going beyond User Generated Content, with live shout-outs, or taking one day out of the week to answer real life questions for your customers can be an opportunity to grow closer with them.

Use of Platform Features (IG Stories, Twitter Polls, Facebook Live)

Utilizing the many many features within each social platform is an opportunity to connect with someone in 2 facets.

One, They may jump on a platform pretty frequently but only look through one feature.

For example, on Instagram there’s Stories, Highlights, IGTV, Live, The Hashtag Feed, The Discover Feed, The Shopping Feed and the Regular Feed.

In one day, a viewer may look through every feature, but they spend the majority of their time using one or two features the most. You MUST find out what that feature is and capitalize on it! How do you find this out? Try out every single feature for 1 month, look through your analytics and discover which features receive the most impressions and engagements, then adjust your content publishing strategy to cater to those specific features.

And Two, They may only get on that particular platform to consume a specific type of information. This is where diversifying the content per platform could be helpful. Let’s take Wendy’s for example. The content on their Instagram feed is completely different than their Twitter feed. Instagram features more product focused content in the trendiest way possible while Twitter is focused on sharing lifestyle imagery of people interacting with their product, defining their company voice, and engaging with their customers by initiating conversation, commenting, retweeting, and encouraging tagging Wendy’s in their customers imagery to be featured.

The key take-away here is to define what the platforms purpose is and take advantage of all the opportunities each social network offers so you can learn more about your audience and give them content that will ultimately bring your business more awareness and growth.

Content Diversity

What bores you? Repetition? Seeing the same thing over and over and over again? Leave your answer in the comments below.

The biggest mistake you can make is not diversifying your content! You are sharing information all day with your customers online and you really only get about 3 min of their time especially if you are new to the club and not one of their main go-to’s.

So stop sharing the same posts over and over and over again! Get creative! Make things interesting. If you have a photo shoot for a new launch, consider every feature on each platform and make content for it while you are on set! Interview the models with engaging topics like a hot or not list, Show BTS or behind the scenes access to your team in action, shoot flat lay imagery and stop motion content!

The more we live in this digitally connected world, the more creative you are going to have to be because technology is setting the standard for what can be accomplished on each social network. You have to keep up if you want to be successful in using social media as a marketing channel which in this day in age, you really have no choice! But good thing you have me because I am going to help get you there!


Finally, collaboration! Time and time again, we see brands connecting with other brands and influencers featured on Good Morning America or the Joe Rogan podcast.

We hear a cameo from a featured artist on an established artists track. Collaboration is the key to fast growth on social media. Here’s how it works. When you offer a specific value and have an audience who interests that value and you combine another party who offers a specific value with a similar audience demographic, you now expose yourself to a completely new group of people who may or may not have heard about you before, but are now interested in learning more because they trust their original party.

It’s essentially like being apart of a group of friends and one of those friends invites someone new… At first you’re a little skeptical and don’t know what to expect, but then your friend assures you they’re “Good People” you start talking with them they offer you something and boom, their in! Same case scenario with collaborations.

To sum it all up if you integrate Frequency of Activity, Worldly Relevance, Not Simply Sharing Information, But Being Open To Receiving it From Your Audience, Use of Platform Features (IG Stories, Twitter Polls, Facebook Live), Content Diversity, Collaboration

You are going to have a well-rounded social media presence that is positioned for a high potential of growth to your business.

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