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How To Build, Nurture and Grow a Community on Social Media For Business

Updated: May 4

If you think community management on social media is just about responding to comments and messages, that means you haven’t even scratched the surface of how community on social media can bring you an entirely new stream of income to your business.

When you think of a community in the traditional sense, what do you think of? Leave your answer in the comments below.

We sum it up into three categories. Building, Nurturing and Growing.

First, building a community is about giving back to the community. You can’t expect to always take because then you’re not participating in building. Also, the people within that community will catch wind of your purpose and not want to be bothered.

When you relate this concept to the social media community that being the target demographic in your niche, how are you bringing them value to help the community as a whole have a great foundation to build upon? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Our community managers do a deep dive to show you the opportunities you have to bring value to your community and how.

Second, nurturing a community is about continuing to care about the views and opinions of others in that community and involving yourself in a positive conversation regarding those views. It’s essentially like nurturing a relationship.

If you are listening to input, and giving input in a conversation you’re, nurturing one another which in turn builds relationships. Relating this to your social media community, is your business making an effort to initiate new conversations and involve your business in ongoing conversations? Write yes or no in the comments below.

This always is a time consuming process and our community managers take time to personally build relationships with your potential audience through human to human conversations. We avoid bots at all costs because they aren’t intuitive enough yet.

Finally, community growth. How does a community become bigger? Through more involvement. How do you get more involvement? More exposure. How do you get more exposure? Through bringing in voices from other communities.

Cross collaborating and introducing established voices to new communities can bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and each established voice brings new eyes to your community. Those new eyes can then become apart of your community, thus initiating growth.

Relating this to your business’s social media community, how are you reaching out to established voices to speak to your community?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

Strategic partnerships is where our community managers step in here. They recognize the established voices that your audience will take a liking too and take the steps to make the collaboration happen.

Because you’ve taken the time to watch this video, I want to offer you a freebie! It’s a guide that you can customize and personalize to help you determine how to build, nurture and grow the social media community for your business. Click the link in the bio to jump start your community growth.

Don’t forget to grab that freebie on your way out. Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one!


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