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How To Build Customer Confidence on Social Media

Updated: May 4

Allowing customers to explore and experience your business or brand before they make a purchase. For a second, imagine you’re purchasing items to redecorate a new house. You’ve chosen a comforter, headboard, a dresser, and decorative carpets. Now it’s time to choose drapes.

2 separate brands brand 1 and brand 2 have drapes that have similar selections from comparable prices. Truthfully, it’s difficult to tell the difference between both of their businesses.

If we look closer, we’ll see that there are only two things that separate these two stores, brand 1 has a punny name, and brand 2 connects you with a stylist to choose 3 different samples after submitting a photo of your room with a specific hashtag on social media.

You have additional purchases to make and need to choose a store.

Which factor is more likely to influence your purchase? A punny name or free samples?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

While several people appreciate a play on words, customers won't walk away with new found knowledge of different drape styles they like from the name of a store. Allowing customers to get a feel for your products before they purchase can build confidence that they’re buying items they’ll find value in.

Here’s How You Can Acknowledge Your Customer’s Issues

The more the digital world expands, the more choices people have of what to purchase. This alone makes them crave as much information as they can get before they actually put their card number in.

What does that mean for you? PEOPLE NEED TO EXPERIENCE YOUR BRAND BEFOREHAND. This will place your brand ahead of all the others because you’ve started to build trust and actually connect with your customers online.

So, how do you help people experience your business before they purchase online? Influencers, Reviews, Video Content.

The first step within using reviews is collecting them. Customers can leave their public opinion about your business on Facebook, your website, yelp, or another forum.

Let’s take real life e-commerce examples. Ulta, a leading beauty store that sells everything from hair styling tools to skin care products has space where customers can write reviews within each product page on their website. Customers can either write out long-form reviews and rate products from 1 to 5 stars.

The benefit here is to allow and encourage customers to leave their honest reviews. Not only does it give you amazing data and insight on your customers, but it is an opportunity to help solve a need or problem they may be having.

Influencers are a great option to not only receive the honest review of a highly reputable person, it also allows their audience to be informed about the product and why it may be better than others. Their audience not only is exposed to your products, but they know have a better understanding of it…. Remember you want to provide customers the ability to experience your products BEFORE they purchase.

Though, customers and influencers aren’t the only people who can review your products. There is other established sources customers trust. This leads us to public relations. With our clients, we reach out to blogs, magazines, podcasts, and other media’s associated with their industry in order to expose their products to more people which will increase their businesses credibility.

Do You Know What Your Customer's Concerns Are?

Video content is an excellent way to answer potential questions customers are asking about your business. In our client partnerships, we use tools like Google Trends to help us gather more information on topics potential customers are searching for.

We then write, film and edit that material and display it across multiple social platforms with various layouts to help potential customers and current customers learn more about our client’s business.

For example, let’s say we have a client who’s a makeup brand and our research shows that people purchasing lipsticks online wonder the different makeup and outfit looks that would go great with specific colors. We would then add additional content to their website to showcase different styling options. But, adding content to the website might not appease their customers' desired insights.

This is where we’d include visual content more aggressively on social media with the ability to purchase each lip color from the styled outfit options right on the client’s social feed.

So, here’s a task for you! If you want people to feel connected to your business, first you have to understand their daily concerns and questions.

Want to see if your business is set up to reveal what your customers are thinking about?

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