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Different People Different Messaging | The Importance of Targeting on Social Media For Business

Updated: May 5

A lot of business owners have this misconception about social media being that it’s only about entertainment while forgetting that it's supposed to be SOCIAL.

They forget that it’s a means of communication with their audience.

It’s how you're connecting and building a relationship with a group of customers/clients.

If 45% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer service and you are not actively answering their questions, providing them insight on how your business solves their problems and how you help them, what are you doing on social media?

Social media is an outlet of extra reach you are getting a chance to interact with people, customers, and clients who never knew that your company or brand existed and now you are completely allowing your company to have a platform.

You have an entire Network of new and existing people that you can communicate with.

Through social media, you can educate your audience of who your company is, what your brand brings to them all while communicating and building relationships with your audience, that is absolutely priceless.

Discovering your company’s audience

One of the major elements of advertising on social media that most business owners miss, is that the same message won't work for every person.

If you’re not customizing your companies messages per audience, you’re going to fall short.

You can't give the same message to an 18-year-old caucasian girl who lives in Alabama and to a 45-year-old African American woman who has five kids, those two people are completely different and really has nothing in common.

They don’t see the same world within their life experiences, the place they are within their current life, where they live etc.

Understanding the dynamic of the people you're targeting can make a world of difference.

Creating a marketing persona and audience analysis of who you're speaking to helps your business to learn more about who your audience really is, and what’s going to best grab their attention.

You have those times when you are explaining your company values, mission or how the company operates, which can be said the same to everyone, but as far as marketing messages and campaigns go, you can't run the same message to every targeted audience, because they're at different points of their life, they have different experiences, their information intake process is different, what they watch on social media and TV is all different.

Do they have kids do they not have kids, are they married or they not married, are they a man or are they a woman, are they 18 or are they 50?

One aspect of social media that remains social is learning about the people you want to share information with.

This is one of the most important aspects of our on-boarding process because it has the ability to completely steer our direction in different ways when creating content for our clients.

We want to fully grasp the psychology of our client's target audience because it helps us to receive better results as well as create improved relationships between our client and their customers.

Most times, company owners are almost too close to the business to understand who their audience's needs, wants, desires, life struggles, times or happiness etc.

So it's cool for our client’s and us as a media company to be able to take them out of that position of having to focus on marketing and having to focus on figuring out who their targeted audience is, how to customize messages that a will have a better impact on certain people.

It allows us to:

1. Show our clients the many other potential audiences that could have an interest in them.

2. Take the burden off of having to figure all of that out by themselves.

Strategic Targeting is one of the things that we do with EVERY client we have no matter where they are starting from, and it's absolutely mind-blowing for our marketing results when we are finished analyzing their audiences and ultimately life-changing for that company.

Using social media advertising, the targeting abilities are tremendous. The selection options are endless. Choose from:

  • Location

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Job Title

  • Household Income

  • Languages

  • Interests

  • Behaviors

  • Demographics

The targeting opportunities are endless. Each social media platform has it’s own targeting systems, objectives as well as CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mil).

Now with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Google and other search engines are making targeting opportunities deeper than ever.

Google is now using over 100 billion data points to help our clients receive the best targeting results for the best price.

At NSPR Media, we help our clients produce effective targeting and gather data on that audience so we can best understand the psychology of our client's audience and gear high converting ads for them.

Learn more about your current social media marketing and if your company is leveraging this innovative tool to bring your company more leads, more sales, and a loyal community.

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