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6 Growth Marketing Strategies For Cannabis Brands Who Can't Use Paid Media

Updated: May 4

You're a cannabis brand who can’t use social media marketing in the traditional sense to bring growth to your business. Maybe you’re a cannabis dispensary or sell CBD / cannabis related products. Don’t fear! Because NSPR Media is here to show you how to navigate both the online and offline world of marketing for the Cannabis industry!

Here are the top 6 best growth strategies you can use both online and offline.

Tip 1: Reviews Are Your Best Friend!

Google and other search engines are looking for content that’s new, fresh, and consistent. That being said, leaving reviews as a dedicated page on your e commerce website is going to be life changing for your business! All you have to do is use a reviews service like Yotpo.

What’s awesome about tools like this is you can create email campaigns which encourage a shopper to leave a review from the products they bought and used and incentivize them with loyalty points, free product or even a coupon code for a discount.

The more reviews you receive on a dedicated page, the better chance you have to be viewed on the first page of Google.

Tip 2: Get Customers Hooked With Subscription Services!

If you are selling products on a website, you must integrate an opportunity for customers to opt into a subscription. This not only allows for customer retention, but it’s offering customers a convenience which is giving you bonus points in customer service.

Adding this option within your website can be done by your developer and feeds into the inventory and shipping labels all the same.

Everything comes in a box now-a-days and your products need to hop on this band-wagon simply because customers expect this convenience from e commerce brands.

Tip 3: Build Loyalty Through Loyalty Rewards Programs!

Think about how it makes you feel when you’re spending money in a particular store and you’ve gained additional shopping bonuses with every purchase you make. It makes you want to continue building those points because of what you’re getting out of it… more money to shop!

In fact: In Bonds 2019 #LoyaltyReport, they discovered 79% of consumers say that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands and 66% of consumers modify their brand spend to maximize loyalty benefits.

These programs can be VIP tiers or points systems. Write “VIP” in the comments if you’ve take advantage of loyalty rewards programs as a marketing strategy.

Tip 4: SMS Marketing!

Building opportunities to clearly communicate with your customers is what makes SMS marketing so awesome! You’re able to send a happy birthday message with a coupon code, remind them of discounts, or even send shipping updates straight to their phone.

For cannabis brands, we’ve used this for past clients by reminding them of event details or sending location directions to certain events. We always look at SMS as an opportunity for communication and relationship building and convenience for the customer.

Tip 5: Attend and Host Online and Offline Events!

For cannabis brands especially, trade shows and live shows on social media are an excellent opportunity to gain more exposure to new customers.

What’s awesome about using events as a marketing channel is there are loads of like minded potential customers.

Give them samples, collect emails and get them on a mailing list so you can keep in touch with every single person you meet at each event.

Hosting online events like Live Shows can be an amazing experience especially if you invite influencers to those live shows in order to reach more people.

Show topics can be diverse and creative. For example, if you’re a cannabis brand, you can host a talent show featuring people who have unique skills and have the audience vote on their favorite and the cannabis brand can gift the winner product and a large ticket item prize.

This would work well because it’s in the genre of cannabis being that the substance free’s people to do what they love and it entertains customers by involving them to choose the winner.

Tip 6: Influencers and Promo Pages are the future!

Influencers have the power of persuasion. If they say a product is great, chances are their followers will trust them and think so too.

This is something brands can use who are not able to use or spend traditional ad dollars on a particular platform. The only difference here is you have to ensure you are adding the influencers on a dedicated campaign instead of simply sending them product to review.

While reviews are great, when you’re paying them, you want it to be more organized from a marketing perspective so you can calculate ROI on the ad spend with each influencer within a dedicated amount of time.

Promo pages are accounts that have a dedicated audience in a specific genre. Promo pages are typically only used on Instagram.

There are pages dedicated to puppy photos, jewelry, fashion, gossip, you name it, there’s a promo account for it. Usually promo pages already have packages for ad placements in different locations on their feed along with the length of time your ad stays up on that dedicated space.

A 1 slide 24hr Instagram story posts can be anywhere from $10-$20. A 3 day feed post can be anywhere from $50/day-$250/day depending on the accounts insights being their followers and engagements.

To recap, if you’re a brand, looking to utilize digital marketing elements, you can use these top 6 best growth strategies:

Tip 1: Reviews Are Your Best Friend!

Tip 2: Get Customers Hooked With Subscription Services!

Tip 3: Build Loyalty Through Loyalty Rewards Programs!

Tip 4: SMS Marketing!

Tip 5: Attend and Host Online and Offline Events!

Tip 6: Influencers and Promo Pages are the future!



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