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5 Fears You Have About Social Media Marketing & How To Overcome Them!

Updated: May 4

You’ve either taken the time to build out a marketing team, hire one social media manager or are taking a stab at it yourself as a personal brand. No matter which direction you’ve taken, you all have one thing in common, fear.

In today’s blog post, I am going to address 5 of the most common fears business people have when getting started with social media but I am also going to show you how to take action to overcome those fears.

Fear is nothing but a mental obstruction to keep you from accomplishing new things. One of the very first fears or insecurities you have is that no one is watching or paying attention to the content you publish which makes you feel foolish right?

Here’s how to overcome that fear, the very first thing I want you to do is write out about 5-10 different ways you can gain exposure for your content and social platforms. Then place a star next to the top 3 in order of most realistic to accomplish.

We take the same steps for our clients in a more sophisticated way but for the sake of this video I will keep it simple. Take a look at this list of exposure opportunities and how we’ve indicated those that are a realistic match for a particular marketing strategy.

Once you’ve done that, begin listing out the process and answering questions like How much is it going to cost? Who do you need to contact? What’s the frequency of exposure needed in order for it to be successful?

Great! You’ve overcome the fear of no one watching your content. Now you’re afraid of not having the time to execute a successful social media presence.

You know we have your back here at NSPR Media and have packages that are customized to fit your immediate and long term needs at a range of pricing options. You can learn more about what we offer by clicking the link in the description box below.

But since you’re just getting started, I am sure you have either tried it before in the past and didn’t have success because you didn’t really make it a priority because of everything you have going on in your busy day; or you’re brand spanking new and simply just trying to figure it all out.

The best way to overcome this fear is to start with something you can consistently keep up with. In other words start small. While social media marketing is a 24/7 never ending cycle, you’re just getting started, so it’s important to be consistent.

Posting content on one platform every other day is fine to get started because your purpose here is not to see substantial growth in your content being seen by the masses, it’s simply to train yourself on publishing with consistency.

People on social media are attracted to routine and consistency. It’s a must have if you even think for a second you can take it to the thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views and comments.

Alright! Feeling a little more confident already? Good! That means you’re starting to trust me!

I know what you’re thinking… what am I even going to say? How will I entertain, inform, or even come up with ideas for new content every single time I post? What if the audience is just not feeling it?

Slow down friend, pump the breaks! There’s an answer to this solution. First you have to consider what industry you’re in and what your purpose is for sharing content.

Are you a real estate agent? If so, your purpose could be to be a genuine guide and resource to your audience. In this case, you could share content about:

- Q&A’s on what to expect

- Qualities that make a great realtor

- Breaking down aspects of wants, needs, and dream elements in a home and how to decipher the importance of each in relation to the budget.

The bottom line here is to always think about your target demographic and the questions they might have. From the entertainment side of things, if you are a cosmetics brand, introducing relevant faces such as influencers within your content is a phenomenal way to gain more exposure as well as simply giving your audience content they want to continue to come back for… We like to call this BuzzFeed worth content.

Every time you face a fear, make it your mission to accomplish another. For you, it’s how to organize a content distribution schedule and a production schedule.

Calendars are meant to keep you on track and help tell you what to do and when to do it. You’re probably freaking out about timing in relation to your own personal life schedule as a personal brand or as a company or business, you’re most likely trying to connect the dots from a content, campaign and conversion standpoint.

Here’s how you do it. First, write out all of the different elements of marketing and content you have.

- Are you running monthly or weekly events?

- Do you have a youtube channel?

- Are you hosting a podcast?

- Are you organizing brand ambassador programs?

This will help determine what content you have and the platforms for distribution. Then you need to write out its process and the day each step of the process will take place. Which will help with the production schedule.

Next, write out all of your means of promotion.

- Are you partnering with shout out accounts?

- Are you running paid media campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or Google?

- Partnering with influencers?

- Hosting a webinar?

When you have your answers, write out the allocated budget and begin segmenting the budget between the different means of promotion.

I can feel the look on your face! Yes, this is going to be a ton of work, that’s why partnering with me and the NSPR Media team can be an extreme help to actually accomplishing all of these different tasks. If that’s something you’re interested in doing, take a look at the description box and click the learn more link to speak with me personally in getting you started.

However, if you still need a bit more time to understand it all and still want to give it a go on your own, that’s perfectly fine too… in fact, I want to make you as successful as possible. In the description box you will see a complete tool kit of templates that will allow you to accomplish all of these fears in an organized and structured template.

Click the link and download it for yourself.

And finally, the biggest fear of them all, how will you know if you are doing everything I am saying correctly? How do you have confidence in the decisions you make when it comes to social media marketing and who do you talk to if you have questions and don’t want to go down the youtube hole of despair?

You have me! I am going to be your number one fan, lifting you up, guiding and directing you in the proper direction. I want you to see me as your friend, mentor, and confidant.

Friends help friends simply because they want to see you succeed, they want to be your supporter because they believe in what you are doing. That is exactly what you mean to me and I want us to build a stronger relationship as you go after this social media marketing journey.

The best way for you and I to stay connected and for you to meet all of my other friends who are in the same situation you are is to join the NSPR Media Facebook Group called Brand Power. Here is where you will have access to personally message me and communicate with me, my team and other business professionals who are on the same mission as you whenever you want!

Remember, Fear is nothing but a mental obstruction to keep you from accomplishing new things, and now you have the power to overcome all of those insecurities and obstructions to get you over the accomplishments you need to get you to the next level.

Don’t forget to download the free resources in the description box before you go.

And because I appreciate you so much! I want to help you get started off strong, to do that, you first have to first know what’s going wrong.

Sign up to receive a free social media marketing audit that’s in the description box below. I will personally audit your current social presence, hold your hand and walk you through what’s going wrong and show you what needs to happen in order to finally put your business in the right direction to use social media not in the right way, but in the way of your business needs to grow.

If you liked this blog post make sure to share it with your community on social media and follow us on @nsprmedia I will see you in the next one!


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